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Deploy, manage, and monetize crypto nodes with a few clicks. Seamless Docker integration brings enterprise-level security and scalability.

Own your nodes.

Node Pilot is a simple Linux executable, making your deployment options endless. No command-line experience is required. Whether on VMs or bare-metal, anyone can run crypto nodes with Node Pilot.

Full automation.

Auto-generate TLS


Auto-load balancing

Open-source engine.

Introducing Node Launcher!

Node Launcher is the first open-source deployment engine of it’s kind. Developers can programmatically deploy and control crypto nodes in NodeJS using Docker.

Node Launcher can be used to standardized the deployment of any crypto node or validator, and is the driving force behind Node Pilot.

Open-source engine.


POKT is a decentralized service that allows applications to rent access to crypto nodes. Node Pilot has 1-click POKT validation, enabling your nodes to become a source of revenue.